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Mission: Post resources for researchers, leaders and decision-makers. 

Background: Retired US Marine experienced working complex issues in global locations. 

Education: Undergraduate studies in low-intensity conflict, international relations, and terrorism studies. Graduate studies in organizational leadership.

Site manager is also an Amazon Associate, some items advertised generate revenue to cover costs to run and manage the site. 

Military Leadership

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Leadership Notes From: Military Leadership In the Pursuit of Excellence Second Edition

Leadership Notes From:  Military Leadership In the Pursuit of Excellence Second EditionNotes:  Military Leadership In the Pursuit of Excellence Second EditionPosting current as of: 05Feb19; 0700.Introduction to Part One Key PointsoLeadership lacks a clear definition. Senior military officers and academics hold various perspectives. Some view leadership from the aspect of art, others science; some see it as an amalgam of both. There are also various opinions leadership is taught or learned.oDespite the lack of definition, people recognize good leadership when they see it. Good leadership mobilizes constituents toward shared objectives and generally appreciates the value of each participant. oPersonalities and situations contribute to what defines a person as a leader; there's no consistent pattern that defines a leader under this context.oFour-part book: §Part 1 Leaders and leadership §Part 2 Followers and followership §Part 3 Leaders and followers in transition§Part 4 Contemporary…