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The blog directs interested parties to resources and insights for developing and enhancing strategic situational awareness, decision-making and capacity generation. 

I define strategic as anything enabling, or disrupting, one's ability to generate capacity to affect one's desired will. Having capacity affords one freedom of movement and/or the ability to influence entities and circumstances to meet long-term objectives.

SWOT refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; emphasis on Opportunities and Threats. Hence SWOT Hunter refers to one always trying to read and understand the strategic environment. The strategic environment may be economic, diplomatic, informational, social, military, etc. 

The author of this blog is a retired US Marine with an extensive background in Low-Intensity Conflict (LIC), Terrorism, International Relations and Organizational Leadership. 

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Strategy, Opportunity and Options

Strategy, Opportunity and Options

Here’s a thought for the day. We often hear the word strategy, and often do not know what it really means.  In fact, the word strategy is often an overused term, as well as a misused term.  I’ve seen myriad misuses in all spheres, to include my dominant domain, the military.
To focus thinking, I view strategy from the perspective of one’s ability to generate capacity, and to use that capacity to live life on my own terms.
I learned this perspective as a young Marine mentored by a Marine Major I worked for. He taught me that ‘captains think tactics; generals think logistics’.  In other words, great generals think of the long game. Great generals develop the capacity to sustain their organizations and people to achieve a form of victory.
In the civilian world I learned another form of developing capacity. Through podcasts, and renowned speakers, I learned how to generate mental and moral capacity that leads to strategic opportunity. Tim Ferriss and Derek S…