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A Summary of Cultivating Intuition, Making Decisions and Execution – The Marine Corps Way

OODA Loop, Fog of War, Strike of the Eye (Coup d’ Oeuil)…so what?

Read the full length piece regarding intuitive decision-making; the link is at the bottom of this piece.
It was written in 1999, 13 years ago, by former Commandant of the Marine Corps General Charles C. Krulak for the Marine Corps Gazette. The article was titled; "Cultivating Intuitive Decisionmaking".  Intuitive decisionmaking and a form of rapid SWOT Analysis.

What you should take away:
· The reader will understand the two primary types of decision-making, analytical and intuitive.
· Readers will understand the strengths and weaknesses of both decision-making processes and how to develop them.
· Krulak explains to the reader how these processes can be leveraged between conflicting opponents to achieve victory.
· How this thinking applies to 21st Century Challenges
· Recognize where conflicts are won and lost
· The importance of being able to rapidly distill information and apply action
· …